Carbon 60 in Premium MCT Coconut Oil - 100ml

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"Carbon 60 is the best kept anti-aging secret & the most incredible discovery in the history of research on longevity"
- David Wolfe

100ml of MCT - C8 & C10 medium chain triglycerides derived from sustainable coconut oil - fully saturated with solvent-free, research grade 99.99% pure Carbon 60 (0.8 mg / ml).

Recommended Dosage: 5ml (one teaspoon) per day.

    •    A rapidly metabolised source of energy. Very little MCT oil is stored as fat because it is used for energy so quickly!
    •    Formulated supplementary sports food to be consumed as part of a nutritious diet and as part of a program of physical activity.
    •    Manufacture of our 99.99% purity of carbon 60 is supported by certificate of analysis is ISO certified and FDA approved..
    •    Our MCT is of pure caprylic and capric acid. These two significantly ketogenic MCTs are derived from coconut oil.
    •    Using MCT C60 is a keto-friendly way to fuel your body, curb your cravings, and increase your mental focus.
    •    MCT oil is rapidly converted into brain-boosting, fat-burning ketone energy.
    •    As opposed to sugar and carbs, ketones fuel your body. Ketones however can’t be stored as fat.
    •    It is much more difficult to saturate these premium MCT’s with Carbon 60.
    •    Many of our competitors are using more inferior and less effective MCT’s.

Purported benefits of Carbon 60 in oil

    ◦    Deeper and more restful sleep
    ◦    Macular degeneration repair
    ◦    Improved eyesight
    ◦    Improved endurance during workouts
    ◦    Improved recovery time after workouts
    ◦    Restored Hair growth
    ◦    Increase hair and nail growth
    ◦    Reduced parkinsonian-like tremors
    ◦    Improved mental health

Carbon 60 famously was used to show a 95% increase in lifespan in rats during a series of experiments carried out in Paris. 

"this is possibly due to the fact that Carbon-60 has a high affinity for both cellular and mitochondrial membranes. It helps protect both of these structures, which are integral to the lifespan of our cells and ultimately us."
In a great report
Buckminsterfullerene: The Magic Carbon Molecule That Precedes Life On Earth!
which claims C60 may be "the most amazing chemistry discovery of the late 20th century",
they outline 12 of it's potential health benefits:
1. Increase Longevity
2. Scavenges Free Radicals
3. Reduces Inflammation & Symptoms of Arthritis
4.Improves Immune Function
5. Prevents Apoptosis in Neurons & May Reverse Alzheimer's Disease
6. Protects Cartilage & Improves Bone Health
7.Helps Eradicate Bacteria & Viruses, Including HIV
8. Prevents You From Getting Fatter
9. Inhibits Tumor Growth
10. UV Radiation Protection
11.May Reverse Skin Disorders
12.Helps Prevent Male Infertility

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We make no medical claims, promises of results, or anything insinuating a ‘treatment’ or a ‘cure’ regarding Carbon 60 / C60 Oil
C60 Oil is a Research compound and is used under your own responsibility. Not all possible interactions with medications are known. The use of blood thinners with C60 Oil should be monitored with monthly INR checks. If you have any questions for concerns, please consult your prescribing doctor prior to starting C60. Please be advised that many millions of doses have been given with no reports of serious or significant drug interactions.
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