Success Stories

"Hi my name is Julia Linaker. My story begins - my sisters naturopath got my sis and her husband and 3 teenage daughters doing Nature's Body drops. She told me over the phone what it was about and as soon as she told me 500 calories I tuned out and told her she was crazy. A few months later she came to visit and they all looked great with heaps of energy. When they left my husband said he wanted to give it a go. My sis sent me the email I read and researched further to find the diet near me. The more I read the more sense it made. We ordered your drops and started. We both started at 148 kgs. I am now 97 kgs and my husband is 129 kgs. I've had greater success because I continue to refresh my memory and continue to research food. I was morbidly obese for 25 years I never want to be that fat person again. Thank you Nature's Body for making your diet drops affordable." - Julia, QLD

"I have just completed my second round of Nature's Body using the 'Ultimate' drops and I couldn't be more pleased with my results. I have lost 30kg over my two rounds, and am feeling so energetic and happy! I still have 30kg to lose but I am halfway through my weight loss journey. It's great to be getting so many comments and compliments on how I'm looking, and I'm looking forward to my next round and achieving my goal! I can't recommend Nature's Body more highly for those looking to drop excess kilos!" - Richard
"My weight has been yo-yo ing for the last twenty years.
I have tried many products with not much luck.
Nature's Body has given me a whole new life. On the 8th of April 2016, I weighed in at 183kgs, now my weight at 8th of July is 173kgs. Yay !!!! (10 kgs lighter)
Recently I saw my Specialist & GP & they are both impressed with my weight loss and gave me encouragement to continue with this program.
My Family have noticed a change in my face and body shape.
Thank you Julia Linaker for introducing me and encouragement and Nature's Body for an amazing product."
- Sally Turnbull, Chinchilla Qld.
"The fact that the product works is beyond! A+ shipping so fast!!" - Tafea, Melbourne

"I just wanted to let you know that after putting on 30kg after a couple of years of illness, I am up to day 25 and have lost 11kg. Gotta be happy with that. Kind regards Holly"

"Hi, I've recently lost 18kg with the Nature's Body Ultimate drops!
Your drops have seriously changed my life! My energy levels are through the roof, my diet is remarkably better and my outlook on life is so much more positive. I'm so thankful I found this diet - it's working! And I'm hoping to reach my goal prior to my best friends wedding in early October."
- Richard